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Loose Ends A.J. Powers

Loose Ends

A.J. Powers

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Can a hitman regain control of a situation after getting too close to a mark?Eric Caldwell has been hired to assassinate scores of people over the years. Most, as of late, have been high profile targets requiring weeks of planning, and a perfect execution. So when Caldwell is asked by a science research corporation to take out one of its own low level employees for leaking information to the competition, he expects this to be one of his easiest marks in recent years. As Caldwell begins research on his target, he finds a disturbing trend with the mans lifestyle that strikes a nerve with the assassin.Caldwell breaks one of the golden rules for a hitman: Never get too close to a mark. The job would become anything but simple.Loose Ends is a thriller/mystery novella that is nearly 17,000 words.