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To Own a Wolf - Part 1 Lithier

To Own a Wolf - Part 1


Kindle Edition
9 pages
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 About the Book 

Locke is just getting settled in at college when his mysterious uncle sends him a gift: a fully trained sex slave. He isnt sure what to do with her, but she knows just what to do with him, and a tale of willing slavery, sexual exploration and self-discovery begins!This furry story contains intense, graphic sexual scenes featuring the following themes: Male/Hermaphrodite, Oral Sex, Themes of Slavery, Wolf and Snake FurriesPraise for the rough draft of To Own a Wolf, Parts 1-5, from the community:I love the vivid images painted in my minds eye as I read. The characters are very well thought out.I always look forward to reading your work.Excellent work! Love how youve made the slavery a softcore factor by making the Wolfess so eager to serve. It preserves consensuality and a good atmosphere.That was sincerely one of the best things Ive read on this forum. Your descriptions were so... so... just so f*****g amazing.This is more than just smut. Ive always liked stories that explored the motivations and backgrounds of their characters, giving an explanation for their actions. Such things constitute the difference between pornography and erotic fiction.