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The Fermat Proof C.J. Mozzochi

The Fermat Proof

C.J. Mozzochi

Published January 31st 2004
Kindle Edition
50 pages
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 About the Book 

The proof of Fermats Last Theorem, as a milestonein the evolution of the intellect of mankind and, inparticular, of the pursuit of pure thought, is of suchmagnitude and importance that an exposition of theproof accessible to the layman is in order.This book will provide to anyone, who is willing toexpend some effort, at least a glimpse of the basicideas and components of the proof and of someof the people who were responsible for it.This book would be of interest to students, who wantto determine if they have the aptitude to pursuemathematics or who want to get a concise overview ofan important area of modern mathematics and of someof the concepts and techniques that are involved in it.It would also be of interest to the professionalmathematician, who wants to get a concise,but accurate overview of the entire proof.