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Santas New Boots Ralph W. Kiesling

Santas New Boots

Ralph W. Kiesling

ISBN : 9780613727037
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 About the Book 

Christmas Eve is fast approaching and Santa Claus is making himself ready for the big night. Only one problem-where are Santas boots? Mrs. Claus and all of the elves are frantic, and what exactly will Santa do with Christmas so near? Come and delight in teh exciting and heartfelt story, Santas New Boots, by Ralph Kiesling. Learn all there is to know about Santas Valley, and all of the different elves who work to make each and every Christmas the most special time of the year. But this year seems to be more troubled than years before, and it all has to do with Santas new footwear. Can the evlves find a way to make sure Christmas goes smoothly and keep Santas feet warm at the same time?