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DTV Monitoring and Troubleshooting Richard S. Chernock

DTV Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Richard S. Chernock

Published September 1st 2009
ISBN : 9780240811338
400 pages
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 About the Book 

With the advent of digital technology, television distribution systems have become significantly more complex. DTV technologies have spread across all architectures: broadcast, cable, satellite and telco (IPTV). DTV Monitoring and Troubleshooting provides a working understanding of the technologies underlying DTV: MPEG compression, transport, and metadata - across the different delivery platforms. This book familiarizes you with what can potentially go wrong, the different types of impairments, and root causes. Practical strategies and information for monitoring and troubleshooting these DTV systems are discussed and portrayed. You can be sure a quality product is delivered to the viewer.Author Dr. Rich Chernock is an authority in DTV technical standards and has published this text in conjunction with the SBE. This collaboration puts knowledge and experience into an understandable format that allows you to put the concepts to work quickly. Covering all architectures worldwide, the strategies and techniques are comprehensive and thorough, giving you the tools you need.*Covers strategies and technologies for broadcast DTV, digital cable, digital satellite and IPTV - worldwide*Provides a working understanding of complex DTV systems problems and how to monitor and troubleshoot to ensure quality television output*DVB ETR 101-290, ATSC A/78 and SCTE HMS 158* standards are discussed in detail