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Inquiry and Genre: Writing to Learn in College David A. Jolliffe

Inquiry and Genre: Writing to Learn in College

David A. Jolliffe

Published November 6th 1998
ISBN : 9780023611339
206 pages
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 About the Book 

Writing is one of the few skills that cuts across all professions, disciplines, and situations. One cannot get through school without writing essays- one cannot keep in touch with relatives without writing letters- one cannot succeed in the business world without writing reports and memos- and one cannot win an election without writing a persuasive speech. Writing is not a skill reserved for novelists and journalists, but an indispensable tool for success in every endeavor. This book encourages readers to see writing as a method of learning about challenging subjects and issues. Central to this book is the Inquiry Contract, which provides a unique, easy-to-follow structure showing readers how to use writing to learn and enabling them to develop their own inquiry and research programs. With a focus on inquiry and genre, the book shows readers different kinds of writing that they can produce in a variety of professional and academic settings. Inquiry and Genre encourages readers to write in a variety of genres, covering not only the theme and essay but also public genres like editorial columns, letters, and brochures. Through the Inquiry Contracts sequence of five writing projects, each one leading to the next, this book guides readers to develop their ideas and knowledge and produce thorough, complete documents. Instructors of writing, writers, professionals in any field, and anyone interested in improving their basic writing skills.