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The Highlander Who Saved Me (Heart of a Highlander Collection Book 2) Allie Palomino

The Highlander Who Saved Me (Heart of a Highlander Collection Book 2)

Allie Palomino

Kindle Edition
387 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Connor Ramsay is out for blood. Revenge is ripe on his tongue, and he means to have it. His younger sister was raped by an English bastard, and he was going to make him pay even if it meant he had to execute his vengeance on the miscreants younger, innocent sister. An eye for an eye was the way he saw it.Madeleine Wynton lived her life simply. She had her father and three older brothers, whom she loved dearly. Her life was calm, and while it may seem boring to others, it satisfied her and gave her purpose. She aspired to enter the abbey where she would further serve others. A life of service would surely save her and her mother’s souls from purgatory, wouldn’t it? That was the plan, that is, until she was kidnapped for ransom. Luck wasnt always on her side, but fortunately for her that day, it was. A rather large, intimidating, and surly Highlander came to her rescue. He took her back to the Highlands, promising to send word to her father that she was safe and ready to return home. The more time she spent with Connor and his family, though, the more she began to question everything she always held as truth.Connor was going to make the English reprobates pay, and not even those wide innocent eyes resting above that sharp tongue of Maddies, was going to make him abandon his intentions. He was not only sending word to Maddie’s father in the form of a ransom, but he also intended to seduce the Englishwoman into his bed. The revenge would taste sweeter if she willingly gave herself to him. Regrettably, Connor didn’t anticipate falling for Maddie’s stubbornness, wit, or charm. It was a dilemma further complicated by his need to keep her safe from one man who wanted to kidnap Maddie for ransom, and another who bought her from her father. Connor needed to keep his secret if he wanted to spend his life with Maddie. Secrets have a way of coming to light no matter how hard you try to keep them in the dark, and his will have everyone questioning the life they thought they knew.Can the love Connor and Maddie nurtured on a net of lies survive the fall when the deceit unravels, or will their love be a casualty of vengeance?The Highlander Who Saved Me is a stand-alone historical romance novel that will have you holding on through twists and turns.The Heart of a Highlander…where the only thing fiercer than a warrior’s battle cry, is the way that he loves…